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Slackstrapz slackline 15mtr - Hi Vis Yellow

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Slack-G 2
  • Slackstrapz slackline 15mtr - Hi Vis Yellow
  • Slackstrapz slackline 15mtr - Hi Vis Yellow
  • Slackstrapz slackline 15mtr - Hi Vis Yellow
  • Slackstrapz slackline 15mtr - Hi Vis Yellow
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Slackline - 50 mm x 5ton - slack line Colour: Hi Vis Green Breakstrain: 5000kgs (5ton) Length: 15 mtrs / 20mtrs / 25 mtrs 2 x FREE Tree Protectors This item includes all the kit you'll need to set up your very own slackline in the garden, park or wherever. Secure the Slackline to two fixed points and tighten the line using the ratchet handle. The Slackline can be set up using any two fixed points of equal height, like a tree, pillar or post - as long as it can withstand a load of up to 1000kgs it should be suitable. If you do use a tree as one of the anchors please use a protective layer between the line and the tree trunk. A piece of old carpet, an insulating mat or PVC protective tubing should do the trick. Please make sure you have at least 3-4 metres clearance above your head. Whether practiced a few feet, or a few thousand from the ground, slacklining helps to improve balance and concentration in all aspects of everyday life. The fundamental difference between slackin' and tightrope walking is that the slackline isn't rigidly taut creating a dynamic and versatile line that can be bounced upon and, more importantly, the flat surface area makes it a lot easier to maintain your balance. Can only be tensioned using hand force. Extensions or other aids are not permitted, Can only be used by one person at any one time. Can only be fixed above impact-absorbing ground, so something nice and soft like grass. Do NOT set this up over a patio. Must not be set up over water. Must never be tensioned between cars or similar aids, as then the pre-tensioning can be extremely high and will not be controllable. Should only be used by children under the supervision of adults, must be fixed somewhere secure so that it is not accessible to children without supervision. Should be assembled by adults only. Length must under no circumstances be changed or shortened by tying knots in the line. Instructions are included with every slackline
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